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Want to up your penny stock game? The volatility often seen in small caps can lead to a high level of excitement!
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March 2021


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November 2021



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The Daily NASDAQ will be covering top NASDAQ companies, and be on the lookout for new NASDAQ companies on the brink of early success. We have already been involved in covering early-stage companies and this expertise will be used in picking new companies that are yet to reveal their true potential. Many of these companies are just a breakthrough away from turning into multi-baggers. Owing to the small size of these companies, even a new contract can improve profitability by a huge margin and generate massive value and upside to shareholders. The Daily NASDAQ will look to cover NASDAQ companies across multiple industries, with the focus on detecting highly undervalued picks.

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We cover both technical and fundamental analysis in picking out stocks that present immense opportunities. The team monitors chart patterns, breakouts, fundamentals, and trading opportunities. A comprehensive review of financial statements, macroeconomic developments, and key developments are also of utmost importance.

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We believe in providing quality stock selections to our subscribers. While our research may be extensive, the communication to our client is easy to understand. Recommendations will only highlight the key aspects of what makes the stock attractive. And to top it off, subscribers would not have to track the latest on these companies – we keep our users up to date with the latest developments and financial performance of the stocks we have recommended

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The team is comprised of seasoned professionals with decades of experience in the financial industry. We have developed capabilities in data analytics to enhance the industry experience that we already have. We have a deep history of revealing opportunities in stocks that are simply not covered by mainstream outlets.

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